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Anyone can plan travel. All you do is go online, click a few buttons, read a few reviews, and click Pay.

After that, though, you’re on your own. Fingers crossed, it will all work out and there will be no surprises along the way. But who wants to take a chance with their precious time and vacation dollars that things may not work out as planned? Just ask anyone who was traveling or had booked a trip when COVID-19 hit.

Ask them how long they spent on the phone trying to talk to an actual human being: to get a refund, change travel dates, get a travel voucher, or get home. Ask how they navigated through all the terms and conditions, if it was easy tying up all the loose ends, and what their stress level was, Ask them if it was worth it. After all, they may have saved a few dollars booking online … but at what cost?

There is no reason you have to guess, worry or leave your vacation up to chance when you don’t have to. Travel advisors have the expertise, resources, and connections to transform your trip from risky to remarkable! After all, travel advising is a profession, just like interior design or banking. I have extensive training, am a travel insider, and have access to a global network of experts to provide priceless and time-saving services for my travelers. Plus, I have personal relationships with my clients: I get to know you, your wants and needs, your dos and don’ts, your wishes and dreams. I am not an order-taker; I am your personal dream-maker.

Unlike when you book a trip through an online travel platform and are left to fend for yourself, I am your advocate when something goes awry. I take your call in the middle of the night when you miss a connection. I know which accommodations are safe and convenient. I am connected with the best guides in the world … and believe me, a wonderful guide, just like a travel advisor, can make ALL the difference.

When you consider the added value and peace of mind I deliver as a professional travel advisor, along with COVID-19 travel guidance, amenities, upgrades, and special touches, there’s no need to risk planning travel on your own.

If you’re wondering exactly how an impeccably-planned itinerary and insider access can ignite your travel experience, imagine this

6:15 am. The stillness in the mausoleum is barely disturbed by the methodical brush strokes of a lone sweeper. Strategically-placed air vents allow the wind to blow through the room. An iron chain strung from the ceiling 240 feet above holds a single light bulb that barely illuminates the 400-year-old chamber. Semi-precious gemstones inlaid into small flowers adorn the vast white marble walls, and a mosaic of Arabic lettering runs from floor to ceiling, set into perfect perspective. 

In the hush of serenity, our private guide suddenly hums an extended “Ohm.” This sacred sound vibrates and lingers in the air for several seconds, and is carried off by the wind. Then silence.

6:23 am. Several other tourists finally enter the Taj Mahal after visiting the famous Diana bench and strolling through the gardens. Thus begins the trickle that will become a stream, and then a river, of tourists who will visit this famous architectural masterpiece and Wonder of the World on this day. 

Time. Eight minutes isn’t a great deal of time in and of itself. However, eight minutes spent alone with my family in one of the most famous places in the world feels like a stolen treasure. None of the 40,000 other tourists who will visit the Taj this day will be privy to the singular experience we had. They won’t hear the wind blowing through the chamber, and they won’t be able to pause to study the intricate gem-laden mosaics – not with hundreds of other people surrounding them. They won’t have the experience of being alone with history. 

Memories. Our family’s visit to the Taj is permanently etched into my memory and ranks as one of my top travel experiences ever. This is all thanks to our incredible private guide, Aakash. He made all the difference in how we experienced our visit to a place that millions of people around the world go to. Preparedness. Experience. Contacts. Access. Unlocking a world of unforgettable moments. These are the keys that elevated our experience from “the usual” to incredible!

My goal as your travel advisor is to connect you with the people, places, activities and experiences that will create memories you will cherish for years to come. You deserve this when you travel.

Reputation. I work with the best and most reputable tour operators, suppliers, destination management companies, and private guides around the world. As YOUR personal travel advisor, I will use my experience and connections to tap into special amenities, upgrades, and perks for you that online booking sites, credit card companies, and other travel advisors often can’t provide.

There’s no need for you spend your precious time planning a trip when you can entrust me to take care of all the details for you… all you have to do is enjoy a seamless, worry-free, and memorable trip. After all, it’s your time and money … why not make each moment count while you’re away? Call or email me. I’d love to help you.

And if you want to visit the Taj, I can even connect you with Aakash! 

What People Say

“Going on safari was my favorite trip of all time. I would go back to Africa in a second! I couldn’t have done it without you.” JA

When we arrived at our hotel in Amsterdam, the staff was expecting us and treated us like VIPs! We even got our room upgraded. Thank you so much.” DT

“Our honeymoon was beyond our highest expectations! We saw Italy in style and will never forget our experience there!” CA

“Our river cruise was so interesting and relaxing. We met the nicest people and saw all the sites at a perfect pace. Can’t wait to do this again.” PS

“New Zealand and Australia were more beautiful than we ever imagined! We can’t wait to go back to the adventure capital of the world.” HM

“Central Europe was fascinating! All of the tours, museums, and culinary experiences were amazing. We loved taking the trains from place to place.” AC

Let’s plan something wonderful together!

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