A Little Ditty

Musings from a Happy Travel Advisor
There once was a traveler named Sally 
Who worked with an advisor named Alli
Together they worked, discussed, and planned
Should Sally go to Croatia, Peru or Japan?

The budget, weather, and activities were explored
Along with the bedding, food, tours, and more
They went back and forth, narrowing down choices
Until excitement was expressed with very happy voices  

Sally began preparing for her long-awaited trip
By reading, packing, and getting her suitcase to zip 
With testing kits, masks, and CDC guidelines in hand
The prep was done, and she was ready to land.

Friendliness, cleanliness, and small crowds were found
As Sally got into every tour, sight, and museum around
Her friends were envious and wished they had come
Instead of letting the news cause them to come undone

So no matter if you are vaccinated, or boosted, or not
There are places you can travel that will hit the spot
By working with an advisor and planning to a tee 
Get back out into the world … look, do, and see

Soak in nature, culture, art, food and wine
It's been missing from your life for a very long time
Don’t postpone due to the news, fear, or weather
Be like Sally... call me and let’s start planning together!

Published by Travelista Alli

My name is Alli Allen, but I’m otherwise known as Travelista Alli. I am a luxury travel advisor with Travel Edge in Atlanta, Georgia. I plan bespoke travel experiences of all types, all over the world! As a client, you will receive personal attention every step of the way. I am able to provide my clients with special amenities such as breakfast, room upgrades, hotel credits, etc. in many cases, at no extra charge. I always have my clients' best interests at heart, and I will do my utmost to plan a trip that exceeds your expectations. Please call me at 404-550-0069 or email me at alli.allen@traveledge.com. I’m ready to help you see the world!

One thought on “A Little Ditty

  1. I am a 48 year old looking to do some solo travel and would like to start out by visiting the 5o us states as well as some exotic destinations, Mexico and Europe and of course Asia

    I’m looking for a travel lists to help me plan and get moving with tours and all
    I’m open minded and would definately love thought out suggestions

    I hope I’m starting in the right places

    Liked by 1 person

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